Fall in Love with Your Home All Over Again with MC Design Interiors

Stunnig Spaces with a Personal Touch!

“Molly and her team are the best designers in town! I highly highly recommend using them. She goes above and beyond what would be expected. It's like working with your friend, not a business. Your style and budget will be listened to and respected. I just can't imagine ever using anyone else.” – Kristy H., Central Park, Denver

This is just one of the rave reviews of MC Design Interiors, owned by Molly Coyne. With a deep passion for design and an unyielding commitment to her clients, Molly and her team have earned a well-deserved reputation as the go-to interior designers in Denver. 

From California to Denver: A Journey of Home and Heart
“I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in California,” says Molly. “I went to school to be a teacher, but I never taught a day in my life,” she jokes. Instead, she gained invaluable experience working for her father, a contractor and commercial construction company owner, throughout college. 

“Then I worked for multiple city government agencies, doing architectural plan checks,” she comments. She gained expertise in the process, even moving to San Francisco proper for her career. It made a difference in what she does today. Rarely do interior designers possess the breadth of construction knowledge that Molly does, giving her an edge over her competition.

Eleven years ago, Molly moved to Denver. Over the years, Denver has become more than just a city to her; it's her home. 

A New Chapter
Eight years ago, as her children began attending school full-time, Molly embarked on an exciting new chapter in her life by establishing MC Design Interiors. 

“I’ve always had a love of interiors,” she says. “It’s important to feel a personal connection in your home environment and also like to be in that environment.” Her eye for design and transforming houses into homes came naturally to her. “I want to share that with other people,” she says. 

What began as a small venture focused on local neighborhood projects has grown into a thriving business with a dedicated team of two designers and two support staff. MC Design Interiors is now at the forefront of whole-house remodels across the area.

Looking at the birth and success of her career, Molly has a “lot of gratitude “for the opportunities and connections that have come her way. She feels grateful to partner with 
Christy Walenczak, a classically trained interior designer who excels in drafting and drawings. Together, they make a formidable team, with Molly focusing on finish materials selection and Christy handling the technical aspects. “We work together beautifully,” says Molly.

A Personal Connection with Clients
What sets MC Design Interiors apart from the rest? “We have a personal connection with clients,” explains Molly. She and her team invest substantial time in getting to know people, their lifestyles, and how they spend their time inside and outside their homes. The team digs deep into understanding the dynamics of each family, their interests, and their daily routines. It's not just about creating a beautiful environment; it's about crafting spaces that feel truly livable.

Molly and her team are kind-hearted, approachable and relatable and clients resonate well with them. 

Advice for Residents
Molly has some advice for homeowners. When it comes to interior design, she comments, “Trust your gut but also invest in a professional. It’s worth it. It’s very true that design is in the details.” Investing in your home can create a happier household for you and your family.

Family First
Molly's family is at the core of her life. She got married to her husband at The Ahwahnee at Yosemite. “It has the modern vintage feel that I am drawn to,” she says. “I just love it.” They are blessed with two children, aged 12 and 10.  Both of their children are actively engaged in extracurricular activities, especially with their love of basketball.

Molly and her family love to travel, both locally and internationally. Molly emphasizes the importance of introducing her children to different cultures and experiences, as she believes not everyone has the privilege of such exposure. Their shared love for exploring the great outdoors has them hiking regularly, immersing themselves in the stunning natural beauty of Colorado. Seeing mountain towns is always fun for this tight-knit family.  “There is an endless supply of places to hike to around the mountains around here,” says Molly. “We can’t tackle them all, but my goal is to give it a try.”

They reside in the Central Park neighborhood, but Molly hopes to live in Hilltop in the future. “I love the sophisticated charm, which is the home aesthetic in Hilltop,” she smiles.

The Thrill of Mixing Old with New
When not working, Molly enjoys going to flea markets and antique gems. Finding hidden gems and incorporating them into her designs is always rewarding for her. Thrifting and blending old with the new infuses projects with unique charm.

Create the Home of Your Dreams
Life is too short to have a dated or dreary living space. Transform your home with Molly’s expertise. MC Design Interiors is more than a design firm; it's a conduit for creating harmonious, personal, and delightful living spaces that reflect the unique personalities of each client.

For more information on MC Design Interiors, check out their website, www.mcdesigninteriors.com, or call 925-580-7902