Meet Hailey The Hedgie

Hi friends and family and Hilltop crew! 

I’m Hailey and you have probably already guessed, I’m a hedgehog! I’m only a couple of months old but I’ve had so much experience and many fun adventures! During the warmer months you may find me and my mom playing in the sun of our front yard or maybe even
with my mom trying to take me on a walk (I don’t cooperate well with that). But despite not liking to cooperate my family would still call me a bundle of joy. I’m not much of a morning Hedgehog. If you ask me, I’m more of a night owl. My mom plays with me a lot and always plays with me before bed. I often struggle to get out of her hands so that I can go back to sleeping in my favorite place in the world, my CATERPILLAR CAVE! When my mom does eventually end
up getting me out of there she will try to play with me IMMEDIATELY! But once I have finally gotten up, boy am I up. My family would describe me as “an energy bomb that needs to go off”.

I love to run on my wheel and try to hide under my toys. I love scooting around her room smelling things & an occasional skateboard ride. The thing I love the most is lazy movie nights where Beckett will take me out and put me in the pocket of her Comfy where I get to snuggle for hours. I love to just fall asleep in there because well, it is so comfy.

A little bit more about me is that my fur is waterproof, which is helpful so that I don’t get too cold after mom baths me. The reason I have waterproof fur is so that I don’t get cold when swimming. Wild hedgehogs like to swim in their native area. To be honest I don’t care for the water at all!! Every time mom tries to bathe me, she has her hands in just in case so I use that as an opportunity to climb all over her hands and arms.

Our neighborhood is 100% the best place to hang out in the sun. I do look forward to those warmer months so I can hang out in the sun, however, I’m most happy just at home in my warm cage or playing with Beckett! If you do see me in the neighborhood with my mom, please say hi but please be slow with me. Please let me sniff you first before you try to pet me so that I’m not spooked. Oh, and if I hiss at you don’t take it personally it is just because I don’t know you yet. Bye!!