Tami & Pat North Love Forest Highlands!

Family member names: Tami & Pat North
Pets: Tito and Marley the dogs
Street: Lindberg Springs
Profession(s): Pat: Retired President and GM of KPHO/CBS channel 5 in PHX.
Tami: Interior Designer and owner of both Vogue Villa Luxury Linens and Posh Interior Expressions (www.voguevilla.com)

Pat North started his passion for Forest Highlands in 1994 after a friend told him about this new golf course with amazing mountain amenities. He purchased a cottage furnished and even jokes the previous owner and friend left his wardrobe for Pat. From that point forward, there have been three new homes all on the Canyon in different years. Our current home is a labor of love that Tami built. Tami designed the home, sketched the home's layout, modified the plan for a few weeks, and then CAD the home. Once the draftsmen and engineers added the roof loads and did the plot layout and blueprints, it was time to build. 

"We finished the build last July and have absolutely loved every detail, including the spectacular views, comforts of our new home, and amazing new friendships made with our neighbors."

Tami says, "Forest Highlands is my happy place!!!" I love it year-round. The amazing friendships I have been so lucky to form and the people I have met here have filled my heart with more joy than I could have ever imagined. I can’t wait for summer camp each year just to spend time with these amazing humans.

We love dinner parties at home. What’s better than breaking bread and sharing a glass of vino with friends?  

Tito the Bernedoodle is absolutely a mountain boy. He hides when we are packing the car to leave. Tito grew up here in Forest Highlands. As a young puppy, he was known as "the Mayor.” Tito wanted to know every dog and person he met, even to some annoyance. Now, Marley is that curious puppy and Tito is the mature fella happy to let Marley have the spotlight. There is nothing that makes me smile more than to watch my pups hiking in front of me with tails a waggin'. Our new pup, Marley (Old English Sheepdog), has a big-time happy tail whenever we are here.

Pat's #1 pastime is playing golf. Pat feels so blessed to play on our two amazing courses six months a year. When not playing golf, he can be found watching golf or all the sporting events our grandchildren are involved in.

Tami’s passion is her business. "Yep, I am a workaholic. The old saying is true, "When you love what you do, it’s not work.” Interior Design is my passion. I started a luxury linen company several years ago and that too makes my heart happy to hear how many clients sleep better and love our linens."

Tami enjoys golf, hiking, and long walks with the dogs. "I especially love the winter when I can hike or snowshoe with the pups and take in the zen environment the forest presents in the winter months. The solitude is energizing for me."

Pat and Tami are originally from the Midwest. Pat is from Kansas, and Tami is from Minnesota. Pat's alma mater is K State. Tami's is Minnesota State. Together they have three sons, two daughters-in-law, three grandchildren, and two grand pups. "Family is everything to us. We love any opportunity to hang with the crew. The entire family loves the game of golf, and we enjoy when they come here and we can play golf, hike, bike, or simply just be together and share meals, wine, and our fabulous mountain breeze in the sway of the pines."