The Best 10 FREE Days of the Year

The Flagstaff Festival of Science connects and inspires the people of Northern Arizona with the wonders of science and the joy of scientific discovery. Now in its 34th year, the Festival is the longest-running free science festival in the United States! Taking place annually in September, the Festival is a 10-day program fondly referred to in Flagstaff as, “The Best 10 Days of the Year.” Mayor Becky Daggett says, “The Flagstaff Festival of Science is a respected and treasured entity in our community.”
In 2023, the Festival will host keynote speaker, Dr. Beth Shapiro, a pioneer and global leader in the high-profile field of ancient DNA, to share her expertise on the science of de-extinction. Kicking off the Festival, on September 22, she will talk about extinct Pleistocene animals such as mammoths, saber-toothed cats, and giant ground sloths and how to help modern living species avoid extinction. 
During the entirely free Festival, participants will have the opportunity to learn about ancient cultures, the environment, wildlife, astronomy, and more. With dozens of hands-on workshops and guided outdoor experiences, Festival events are perfect for the whole family. Celebrating the innovation happening right here in Flagstaff, participants will get to discover the remarkable scientific research that is going on all around us in Flagstaff! One attendee from last year told us, “Terrific presentations from knowledgeable people and without drama—so refreshing, especially in today’s world!"
Don’t miss Science in the Park on September 23, where YOU are the scientist for the day! An ideal event for families, all booths will have hands-on activities for youth of all ages. Discover something new and interact with nearly 50 vendors from a variety of Flagstaff scientific institutions!