Kyle Ruddy is a three-sport athlete at Newtown High School

I don’t need awards or trophies to define myself as an athlete, and certainly not as a three-sport athlete.  Being an athlete helps me grow both on and off the field. Sports have always been, and always will be, a part of my life.  My name is Kyle Ruddy, and I live on Arthurs Court.  I’m a junior at Newtown High School, and I’m on the soccer, ski and lacrosse teams.  I’ve been playing soccer and lacrosse for as long as I can remember, and even though I’ve been skiing all my life, I just joined the ski team as a sophomore.  I wanted to challenge myself and get better at downhill racing. Although I enjoy all sports, if I had to pick my favorite, it would have to be soccer.
I started playing soccer as soon as I could kick the ball and instantly fell in love with the game.  I’ve played many positions throughout the years but landed as center defensive mid for the high school. I love all aspects of the sport.  The competitive nature of a team sport, the physicality needed to hold my ground against bigger and stronger players and the mental awareness needed of the entire field. No matter if I’m trying to set up an offensive play with my team or defend against the opposing team, I need to be thinking about my next move.   The mental aspect of the game and the strategy of sports is where I gain the most personal growth. For me, it goes beyond the skills needed for any sport.  It’s about being part of a team, helping to motivate myself and my teammates and working together as a unit. One of my proudest moments was making it to the SWC conference finals this year. Our team worked hard all summer leading up to the season and during the season to make it to that point.  You don’t always have to be the best-skilled athlete or team to succeed.  If you set your mind to working hard and developing as a player and teammate, anything can happen.
I thank my parents for my love of sports. They are both athletic and played sports all their lives, instilling that same passion in my siblings and me.   We grew up skiing, golfing, playing tennis or just kicking the ball around with them.  I admire them for helping us push our boundaries, preparing us for the highs and lows of competition and emphasizing a balanced life.  They have always encouraged us to work hard while having fun along the way.  They have both always worked but manage to always be there to support me, coming to every game and cheering me on.
Outside of sports, I like to hang out with my friends and family, fish and cook!  I really strive to do well in school and am part of several clubs and extracurriculars.   I am a member of the Newtown Ecumenical Workcamp Servants (NEWS), where we go on a mission trip once a year and do various construction jobs for people who can’t do it themselves, whether it’s because of money, age or any disabilities.  I’m also part of the Leo’s club at NHS, where we do community service around town to help others in need.
Sports are a big part of my life, but school, family, friends and my community play a big part in my personal growth, and it’s the balance that’s important to me.