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Chef Michael Bick

Some Things Fishy Catering Ltd. is a full-service off-premises catering company. We organize and provide all the accouterments for a successful event. We work closely with you to create the perfect menu ... arrange for beverages, rentals, decor, valet parking, entertainment, whatever is necessary to make the event special for you. It is our goal to offer you exquisite food, exceptional service and attention to details so that your affair is unique and memorable.
             Some Things Fishy Catering Ltd. was founded by its chef-owner, Michael Bick, in 1991. In 1982 Michael began his culinary journey from restaurant school, to chef at the River Cafe in New York City, to executive chef jobs at several prestigious catering companies. This journey helped to inspire him to create his own company. He is a supporting member of Chefs Collaborative and Local Harvest, which works to provide the latest information available to make local and sustainable food choices. Since creating his own company, Michael has had the privilege of preparing meals for former President Clinton, as well as radio personality Rush Limbaugh; late-night television talk show host Conan O’Brien; many celebrities, including The Rolling Stones, Sheryl Crow, Lance Armstrong, Robert De Niro; and CEOs of Estee Lauder, Christies and First Republic Bank. In addition, he has created the food for the Frick Ball (2006), The Tribeca Film Festival (2005 and 2006), The Mark Twain Library Fundraiser (2006), The Connecticut Film Festival (2008 and 2009) and Colin Cowie (2009). The company previously provided (2005-2010) all the food for Mary Giuliani Catering and Events in New York City, whose founder was just named one of Brides Magazine Top 25 Trend Setters for 2009.
            The company reflects a philosophy that cooking is an art, imitative as well as creative, and more play than work. Michael’s belief is that a recipe is not a rigid formula but a guide to respect and experiment on results in dishes that are both familiar and exotic and delightfully satisfying as well.
            The foods of our company are essentially a natural blending of ingredients and techniques from Asia, the Mediterranean and America. We use the freshest locally grown ingredients, but imported foods inevitably play an important role in the presentation of the dishes. We do not attempt to imitate a particular dish; we simply explore their possibilities and extend their potentialities. Our mantra has become “local, sustainable and delicious."
             Superb food can nurture one’s spirit and gratify the soul. Some Things Fishy Catering Ltd. is devoted to making your event a truly gratifying experience.

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