Meet Wolford!

Hello, Newtown! My name is Wolford, I’m a 2-year-old great Pyrenees, and I must say I’m really enjoying my teen years. I just moved here from Arkansas less than a year ago and was adopted by this little fun-loving family that just started up a farm in their yard a few months ago.
Some of my favorite pastimes are having my belly rubbed and my coat brushed daily, as well as rolling around in the grass or some fresh snow after a good storm. I absolutely love the outdoors and actually prefer hanging outside most of the time with all the other animals. Winter is my favorite time of year because I love the cold, but summer is so much more fun since my best buddies are off from school. They not only gave me a cool comfy house to live in, but they also offered me my very first job as a guard dog on a farm. I really enjoy catching all the mice that try to get into the food in the barn just to let them know who’s boss around here. There’s a bunch of chickens, but I can’t seem to keep up with their names, except Ben, the rooster who always seems to have an issue with me going by his coop. Then there are the goats, three beauties named Willow, Seirsha and Penelope. They’re my favorite, even though they seem petrified when I get too close to them most of the time, so I always try to remind them that they’re safe with me.
It’s been so much fun protecting my fellow farm animal friends from predators or anyone that may be trying to sneak onto the farm without my humans' permission. One time even a mama deer dropped off her newborn baby fawn off with me on the farm while she went to forage for food. I felt so honored that she trusted me to babysit for a day until she returned. She still comes back to visit sometimes – I think it’s her, but I'm not certain since they all look so much alike.
I also have a brother named Felix. He’s the coolest miniature schnauzer I’ve ever met. He’s a bit older than me and a lot smaller but is so sweet. He visits me every morning and helps motivate me to run and play in the yard, so we get our morning workout in. Leo and Efi are my best buds. They are my two absolute favorite little humans, and when they’re outside playing, I always make sure they’re safe while mom is inside doing yoga, cleaning, or preparing our meals. Whenever dad gets home, we literally jump for joy cause there’s nothing better than having the family home all together!
Sometimes I get too loud at night and wake up the neighbors with my bark, especially when I get a little too excited if I see or hear another animal and sneak out into the woods to try to catch them. My humans don’t seem so pleased when I do that, so I try to stay close to home, especially since they spoil me with constant belly rubs, treats and plenty of good food and fresh water. One night I got lost after a good chase and ended up at the neighbors'. Another night I got into a tiff with a skunk, and it sprayed me with the stinkiest mist I’d ever smelled in my whole two years on earth! Needless to say, nobody wanted to be near me after that incident until I got a good bath. So yeah, since then, I’ve been laying low these days. After all, I really do love being their best protector!