3804 Valley Crest Drive

On the corner of 3804 Valley Crest Drive, lies a picturesque landscape that catches the eye of all who pass by. Over the past four years, since their arrival in Harmony, proud owners, Tamera and Ron Ferguson, have poured their love and dedication into the existing landscape to transform their expansive lot into an oasis of natural beauty and tranquility.

Tamera, with her unwavering passion for gardening, has meticulously crafted a landscape that exudes elegance and charm. Fondly referring to her "piddle" time, she revels in the joy of tending to her yard. Whether it's pulling weeds, planting new additions, watering the flowers, or carefully pruning branches, Tamera finds solace and delight in nurturing her garden. She says, “It's relaxing and nature therapy for me!”

Tamera's affinity for rose bushes shines brightly. She delights in their vibrant colors and the excitement of witnessing new growth. While pruning may not be her favorite task, the results are captivating.

Ron would love to mow the lawn, but now that Tamera is retired, he understands the profound happiness it brings her. Taking on the role of the trimmer, edger, and mastermind behind the drip lines that nourish Tamera's plantings, Ron plays an essential part in their shared horticultural journey.

In addition to nurturing the established flora, Tamera has diligently introduced a plethora of colorful flowers, shrubs, and grasses. These delightful additions have garnered continuous praise from neighbors. The satisfaction Tamera derives from sharing her creation with others is immeasurable, as she wholeheartedly desires for everyone to experience the same joy and appreciation for nature's artistry.

Tamera and Ron exclaim, "We cherish our home and all the beauty that surrounds us. We invite everyone to take a moment to stop and smell the flowers!" Their harmonious partnership and unwavering dedication to their property have transformed their yard into a true masterpiece.

Special thanks to the Fergusons for allowing us an up close and personal tour of such a beautiful yard!