Aerus of Delaware

Creating Healthy Environments for Greenville Families

Since our beginning as Electrolux in the USA in 1924, Aerus® has been known as an industry leader in creating healthy indoor environments and paving the way with cutting-edge cleaning technologies. As your local Delaware franchise owners, our legacy is one of unparalleled customer satisfaction coupled with products and services you can rely on. Our customers trust us with the health and safety of their homes, families, businesses, customers, and brand image. They know we offer best-in-class appliances, treatments, and testing services for clean air, sanitized air and surfaces, water filtration, and floor care. Our products are held to the highest standards of testing and are renowned for their efficacy, longevity, and being environmentally friendly. Our family and team have proudly served the Delaware community for over 20 years. We are "Your Healthy Home Experts."

With thousands of clients in the local Greenville area, you may have seen or heard of us around town. Whether in restaurants such as Cromwell's Tavern or doctors' offices and massage therapy studios such as the Mind and Body Whisperer, Greenville residents know that quality and clean environments go a long way. 

Greenville families like Frank and Nicole Brevoort have trusted Aerus products and services in their homes to protect their young families. "Aerus products are staples in our home that give us the peace of mind knowing we are breathing the cleanest air around. Everyone in our family (especially our young boys) is completely obsessed with the design and function of the vacuums!" said Frank.

Bob Carpenter, owner of the Hockessin Athletic Club, has been a long-time customer for his business and his home. Bob and his team at the HAC have been proactive, forward thinkers about health and wellness. They know environmental health plays an essential role in physical health, and they strive to create the highest standards of cleanliness in their club. They began installing ActivePure before the pandemic and quickly outfitted the rest of their facility once it hit, knowing it would make a difference. They became the first protected gym in the state before the FDA and Military BSL-4 testing proved the efficacy of ActivePure on the SARs-CoV-2 virus. "Our members, guests, and employees are very appreciative that we value their health and safety," Bob said during a press conference. (Scan the QR code for more of Bob's thoughts.)

We value all of our relationships in this community and look forward to cultivating many more. If you have an indoor environmental health concern or question for your home or business, give the experts at Aerus of Delaware a call (302) 998-1001 or visit our website at

"Our members, guests, and employees are very appreciative that we value their health and safety." - Bob Carpenter

Providing complete indoor environmental health and wellness solutions to local businesses and our residential community.