98 Wayland Rd.

While the yard at 98 Wayland Rd. was always lovely, Alex Oneis turned it into the gift that keeps on giving: Last month, as a Mother's Day gift for his mother-in-law, Michele Tucker, he planted dozens of impatiens in the flower beds in both the front and back yards. The charming flowers complemented the Japanese maple and rhododendrons in the front yard, while bringing pops of color to the back. They also softened the area around some of the Tuckers' whimsical stone creatures, which include at least three frogs and four bunnies. Best of all, they provide ample sustenance for the bees busily buzzing around them, like the big guy pictured above!

Congratulations to Michele and Shawn Tucker, owner of this month's Yard of the Month winner, who will get to look at these lovely perennials and see not just their beauty, but the labor of love their son-in-law put into his gift!