What's the secret to success and meaning-full work?

Last month, we started a deep dive with Chris Province, one of the partners at Purpose & Performace Group and host of the Magic in the Room podcast. What started as a quick call to discuss our story soon turned into a long-form interview that has totally changed the way we work. Thanks for joining us again, as we continue to learn from Chris and his team at P&PG.

So before we can prepare for the future, we need to assess the current atmosphere and consider how the business culture has changed. Chris, can you define or explain more about where we are now?
Well, the last few months have been defined by a newly coined term, the Great Resignation. In many ways, American businesses have never faced this type of situation before. More than 41% of people are looking to move or leave their jobs and while unemployment may be decreasing, there are still more than 10 million job openings in our country. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, during April, May, and June 2021, a total of 11.5 million workers quit their jobs. The Great Resignation is real. As leaders, we must prepare for a rapidly changing work environment, and retaining talent is more important than ever.

Yes, retaining talent is definitely top of mind now, but P&PG has been speaking about this long before COVID and the recent turn of events, right?
Absolutely. Helping our clients retain the best talent has been a core tenant of our work for years. It all started with a simple observation. I believed that if we were providing meaningful jobs, people would fill them. So we started to unpack that idea and asked the question, “What makes for meaningful work?” Meaningful work does not have to be hard, but lots of hard work is meaningful. The ease of the task does not determine its value, both to the employee and to those around them. It’s really more about alignment and bringing purpose and value to what some may see as the daily grind.

Well, daily business life has changed drastically this year. How can we create meaningful work for employees who now never come to the office?
Very true. As many as one in three employees are saying they’ll quit if they can no longer work from home. But regardless of whether workers are in the office or working remotely, companies who are able to shift their culture to give employees permission to be fully themselves and have a life outside of work will be the ones best able to retain their talent. When an employee can identify their values, combine that with their talent, and then gather a sense of purpose from all of their effort - then they will find they’ve managed to build a meaningful life. Even if that’s not what they set out to do in the first place.

So practically, how do you make this happen? How can a business leader help their employees live this meaningful life?
First, prioritize it. Choose to communicate purpose over career development. Businesses (and business leaders) can be the difference makers. I think the meaningful work that helps create happy and fulfilled employees is a previously overlooked measure of success. I’m so glad more people are talking about this now in light of the recent months. Secondly, find or develop resources to help your employees advance their potential. As a leader, make your role less about “What can I get out of this organization?” and more about “How can I serve the employees that make this organization possible.” Be present and authentic, have gratitude, and show up as a soulful leader. Recognize the needs of your employees and then speak to those needs in powerful and creative ways. That’s why Purpose & Performance Group exists. We help companies navigate these choices and challenges every day.

Chris, thank you for speaking into the hard things that leadership requires. Over the last two months, we’ve learned so much about how to navigate this new career frontier. The work you’re doing with P&PG is having a bigger impact than you even know!

If you’d like to know more about Chris’s work, please visit their website, purposeandperformancegroup.com, and catch up with their podcast, Magic in the Room, in your favorite podcast app.