10 Year Old Aynav Einsohn Publishes "My Voice"

Publisher's Note: Stroll Dover is always happy to share the stories of young authors, artists, entrepreneurs, etc. and was thrilled to hear from Sivan Einsohn about her daughter's achievement of publishing her first book. What follows are Aynav's responses to questions we had for her about her background and her self-published book, "My Voice".

Tell us about yourself and what you’ve accomplished:

My name is Aynav Einsohn. I’m currently a 5th grader at Chickering Elementary School. I’ve lived in Dover for almost 5 years with my parents, sister, two pups and chickens. It’s so fun living in Dover! Recently I wrote a book titled, “My Voice” about an orange panda finding the courage to be proud of who she is and her name. I come from a multicultural household where more than one language is spoken. Throughout the years, people have had a hard time saying my name because its origin is in another language. I love to read and write, so naturally my experiences with my name inspired me to write a story. 

Aside from reading and writing, I enjoy singing and acting. I am a member of the Boston Children’s Choir, a nonprofit group that allows me to share important messages such as the importance of respecting others, unity, and climate responsibility.

What advice do you have for other young writers?

If I were to give others advice regarding writing a story, it would be to understand that writing takes time and patience because you go through many edits! Also, don’t be afraid to share your story or create one to be shared with others.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

I have been enjoying sharing and reading my stories with others. I have gone into some schools and libraries to do book readings and love talking about my writing and the process of it, as well as hearing stories from children and adults who have experienced similar events as I have! Being an author brings me joy!

Who is someone you admire and why?

I admire my Eema (which means mom in Hebrew). Not only did she self-publish a children’s book, which inspired me to start writing, but she helped me with my writing process and encouraged me to share my story and “share my voice.”

I hope you have a chance to read my book!