Meet Freddie

the Miniature Aussiedoodle

Family members: Taylor, Szymon and Oskar Sulkowski
Male, age 3
Where/why did you get your pet? Freddie was a second birthday gift to Oskar from his grandparents. We envisioned him having a pup to play and grow up with. Now when Oskar whines and complains that Freddie stole his ball or is not listening to him, we try to remember that!
Is there a story behind his name? We find quintessentially human names for dogs to be very funny and settled on the name Fred. He's too goofy to have such a proper name, though, so it turned into Freddie. We always say, "Freddie, like Mercury, not Kruger."
Anything special or unusual about your pup? Freddie sits just like a person on the couch and has many quirks. He's a complete goofball and, being a herding dog, he is always right where we need to be. If we're in separate areas of the house, he finds a mid-point and sits there to watch and wait for everyone. He also thinks his dad lives to play with him, so whenever Szymon starts to play with Oskar in any way animatedly, he barks very loudly to get his attention, just like another kid!
What do you like best about your pet? We love that he is so patient and loving with Oskar. He can be a bit embarrassing on a leash, whining whenever he sees other dogs or even sometimes humans, but he is a truly wonderful pet for a boy. He's also the softest, fluffiest dog and is a great cuddler. 
Any funny stories? Freddie makes us laugh multiple times daily, starting with morning coffee — he jumps on the couch, sits upright next to one of us, and when the other sits down, he slowly starts to fall backward like a wet noodle. We also can't often tell which end is which when he lays curled up somewhere since he's so fluffy — that always gives us a good chuckle!
How spoiled is your pet? We try not to spoil him, but we think our 5-year-old has discovered he can give Freddie his food and get out of eating it!
What else should we know about your pup? Freddie is like a therapy dog for us. He makes us smile every time we look at him. And he helps us with our physical health, too — Szymon has Type I diabetes and credits Freddie with keeping his glucose levels stable thanks to playing and three walks a day. He's truly a life-changing dog!