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Man holding baby to meet another baby in stroller.

Welcome! Let’s get to know our neighbors.

We know genuine connections with neighbors next door and business owners down the street make for a more meaningful experience. And we believe getting to know people in our community should be simple. That’s why Stroll meets you where you’re at – your mailbox.

We are grateful to serve this amazing community.

Every month, we share stories from and about different residents within our neighborhood.

See below for a few of our recent favorites.

Hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, aka “Mount Doom” from Lord of the Rings.
Seeking Adventure in New Zealand

Del Ray resident heads to “Middle Earth” for unique experiences and escapades at every step of the way.

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Monroe Avenue's Stately Home

Edward Duncan Moves Up In the World

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Preston readies to pick some collard greens.
Dancin' in the Street

Poem pays homage to a community icon

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A Local Hero

Honoring the Life of Captain Rocky Versace

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Germán Mejía, owner of Los Tios, with regular customers, the Van Meters.
Raise Your Glass!

Celebrating 20 years in business, Los Tios Grill owner Germán Mejía discusses his journey from war-torn El Salvador to building a successful local restaurant chain

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Elaina Palinscar beside the Gumball Poetry dispenser.

Elaina Pelincsar's haikus and Gumball Poetry

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Preventing Summer Slide

Enrolling children in summer camps help them to maintain academic performance

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Welcome to the Del Ray Pack!

Rescue pet from Puerto Rico finds new home in Del Ray

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Chilling with Miss Patrice, the Administrator/Attendance clerk at the Boys and Girls Club.
Punching Above His Weight

Local fitness trainer builds strength through giving back

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The Lloyd House at 220 Washington St, the current headquarters of Historic Alexandria.
Once Upon a Time in Old Town

Feting a U.S. president at Gadsby's Tavern

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Washington & Old Dominion switcher at Riverside Yard, January 1969.
The W&OD Railroad
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Doing Good in the Neighborhood

Service-Learning Program for Middle and High School Students

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Greet is a monthly magazine reaching all 6000+ homes in the Del Ray community. The publisher, Brett Kitchen, had always enjoyed coming to Del Ray as a consumer and seized upon the opportunity to take it on as a magazine franchise when his friend presented the idea in the spring of 2022. “Del Ray has been the ideal community for a magazine such as Greet. The residents and business owners embraced this from the very beginning, and it has been wonderful to see them enjoying it and contributing to its success,” he exclaims. A Kentucky native who has been living in the DMV since 1991, his career spans a range of organizations including the World Bank, Peterson Institute for International Economics, and Environmental Law Institute. He holds a B.A. in business management and French from Transylvania University (Lexington, KY) and a Master's in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management (Phoenix, AZ).

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