Why I love Cold Spring Harbor

Cold Spring Harbor is a wonderful community to live in, maybe even the best! Have you ever seen an amazing sunset, where the sky is an orange, yellow, red and purple backdrop to the golden sun in the middle of it? The sun is glowing in the center of the masterpiece the sky has created. Or a scene where everyone is sitting by the fire telling stories, clinking their mugs together, drinking hot cocoa and eating home-baked cookies in front of a huge roaring fire? The smell of pine is wafting towards the fire making an aroma around the fire, setting the mood to make a warm Christmas feeling in your heart. Have you ever felt that excitement when you just turn over a new page in your book and read about an exciting part? Well, it happens every month, but it’s not a book it’s a magazine called STROLL. This is what happens in Cold Spring Harbor and why I love living there.
Cold Spring Harbor brings the community together. First, who thought Christmas could get even better? In Cold Spring Harbor it is. Our people in Cold Spring Harbor come together and make hot cocoa and bake cookies to sell to raise money for our Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department every Christmas Eve. We also sell pine trees for Christmas trees. Secondly, our library is one of the best places you could visit in Cold Spring Harbor. The library brings people together by providing activities and classes for kids, teens and adults. During covid when we were all isolated, our library brought people together by doing a Zoom book club and making craft kits for kids to take home. One last way Cold Spring Harbor brings our community together is because of cafes like Sweeties Pies where people can come and talk and have yummy drinks and food.
The second reason why I love Cold Spring Harbor is that we give out a magazine called STROLL every month. We choose a feature family who is featured in the magazine so we can get to know them. A photo of the family is put on the front cover. My family was chosen to be on the cover in December 2022. STROLL also helps our community because it has advertisements for pet training, buying houses, buying cars, staying fit, etc. Finally, STROLL has different stories written by people who live in Cold Spring Harbor.
Another reason why I love Cold Spring Harbor and think it is the best place to live is because of how beautiful it is. The lake that I pass by when I go to school looks golden in the sun. Also, another beautiful thing is when the sun sets at Cold Spring Harbor, many houses get to see the sunset outside in their own yards as there is a lot of space around houses. Cold Spring Harbor has many walking trails with great views. My favorite is called ‘The Greenbelt Trail’. It goes up behind the library and it looks different in every season and so does the views from the top.
In conclusion, I think Cold Spring Harbor is a wonderful place to live in because Cold Spring Harbor brings the community together in special ways, it has its own magazine, STROLL, and Cold Spring Harbor views are the best.
Do you live in a town that’s great too?