For more than a year after we moved from Pittsburgh to Imperial Woods, we knew only a handful of our neighbors. As our children are grown, and with our busy schedules working remotely and running a small business, it was challenging to integrate into the day-to-day life of our neighborhood.  
But then in July 2022, through Pet Helpers, we adopted Waffles, a tricolored beagle puppy. Thanks to thrice daily walks with our social and outgoing pup who loves greeting both people—especially kids—and other dogs, we now know just about everyone. 
Last Halloween, we had hotdogs and beverages for the trick-or-treaters and the adults accompanying them. Waffles was the perfect host. Decked out in her hotdog costume, she welcomed everyone and their pets. As we became better acquainted with many of our neighbors, it became clear that our residence was known to one and all as “Waffles’ house.” We’re okay with that, as our sweet dog has helped us make many new friends and become assimilated into our wonderful neighborhood.  
                                                                                    Craig & Amy Irons