The Laundry - The Dirty Comes Clean

Yes, you’re going to read an article about laundry. Why? Because there’s a service in town that exists to make our lives easier – you’ll want to know about it!

You’ve probably passed the bright blue sign on Brockway Avenue, heading into town. Quite simply, it reads The Laundry - The Dirty Comes Clean. While it’s housed in a laundromat, perfect for apartment renters and students, The Laundry offers quite a few services that are of interest to those of us in Cheat Lake. 

For busy families, The Laundry offers pick up and delivery of soiled clothing, blankets, towels and bedding – whether it’s a twin quilt or a king-sized comforter. Your laundry will be cleaned in modern, highly efficient washers and dryers, then it’s sorted and folded for delivery back to your home. You’ll be charged by your laundry’s weight, then a free laundry bag is supplied to you. 

If you’re a business owner, take note: The Laundry offers commercial services as well. The linens and towels in your Airbnb, robes and towels at your spa, and uniforms or scrubs in your medical office can be cleaned and delivered back to your location, allowing more time for you to manage other important aspects of your business. Care of commercial laundry includes specialized treatment to ensure proper sanitation and stain removal during the washing process. 

“We work with oil and gas, in addition to mining companies,” explained Daniel, the driver for pickup and delivery services. “We’re quite experienced with removing the toughest oil stains you’d ever see on a uniform.” 

The quality of these top-notch services is maintained by The Laundry’s owner, Allan Feldman. A Philadelphia native, he came to Morgantown with his wife, who had attended WVU. While working in real estate appraising, he noticed a listing for a property in Grafton. The owner was also selling a laundromat, so Allan bought it instead of the house.

"I realized from my furniture business experience in Philadelphia that this business – the laundromat – had no employees and no inventory. The customers do most of the work while the rent was available on a long, inexpensive lease.”

Allan noticed that there was a great need in this university town for laundry services. He wanted a location that was easily visible with plenty of free parking. The well-respected Mills Group updated the building, then Allan stocked the facility with high-quality washers and dryers. He employs attendants who do the washing and folding but are also available to assist customers and monitor the facility at all times. 

As summer comes to an end, remember that no job is too small for The Laundry. Sleeping bags, beach towels and boat covers can be cleaned and stored until next season. School and kids’ activities can make life hectic! Check out The Laundry’s site and social media for contact information to arrange laundry service for your home or business!

The Laundry - The Dirty Comes Clean
441 Brockway Avenue, Morgantown, 26501
Facebook: Dirty Comes Clean The Laundry