Mairin Gillespie

At first glance, we see an athlete on these pages. But Mairin Gillespie is everywhere – on the field, in the studio, on the track and in the classroom. She gives each of these her all, so she’s earned a month in the spotlight on the Achiever page!
Mairin toddled through her first dance class at age two. Many little kids love to dress in fancy costumes and spin around onstage when they’re young, but the dedication and intensity required as dancers get older often causes them to hang up their shoes. Mairin is still dancing her way through her high school years.
“I still love it,” Mairin declared. She dances at one of the premier studios in Morgantown – Kat and Company. In addition to a recital at the end of each school year, Mairin also travels to dance competitions. She considers Katreena Snyder, her instructor, to be her mentor since she motivates and inspires dancers to do their best.
At age five, Mairin started playing soccer. Fast forward to high school, where she tried out with the University High Hawks team and became a starter in her freshman year – not an easy feat at this level. She has endured the summer practices at 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. and looks forward to an even more successful sophomore season.
Last spring, Mairin sprinted through track season with flying colors. She competed in the sprint
relays, long jump and shuttle hurdles – earning the opportunity to race at the state meet in the
shuttle hurdle relay. The relay team is young - three freshmen and a sophomore - yet they
finished seventh out of the top fourteen teams in the state. It was an amazing finish for their first
state championship race! Competing at the state meet was a highlight of Mairin’s freshman

Academically, Mairin is on the honor roll. How does she balance her schedule successfully?
“I apply love to each of my activities,” Mairin shared. “I stay very focused on what needs to be done, whether it’s dance, a soccer game or homework.” Mairin credits her parents for driving her to each of these activities and for their support of every event and competition. She looked up to her older brother, Ian, but now that he’s on campus at WVU, she doesn’t see him as often.
When the days are a bit more relaxed, Mairin enjoys outings on the lake in her grandma’s boat. She’s also a big fan of amusement parks and fairs, so she enjoys attending these with friends and family in the summer!
Mairin is a sophomore, but she already has a vision for her future. “I’d like to attend WVU and study toward a career in broadcast journalism.” For now, she’ll dance, compete and work with her relay team to get better with every season!