Hunter Canine Dog Training

Animal psychology has been at the center of Chad Hunter’s life since he was born. His mother showed and trained dogs for 20 years. At just eight years old, Chad was already showing his Border Collies in 4H and competing in dog agility. By 16, he began helping to manage a local dog training facility, taught several group obedience and agility classes, and assisted dozens of clients with common dog behavioral issues. By age 20, Chad started working with police, personal protection, narcotics, service, therapy, and hunting dogs. And by the age of 25, Chad had already worked with more dogs than most dog trainers have in 40 years of business.

Today, Chad has trained over 10,000 dogs and has a long list of accomplishments, awards, and recognition from the industry—plus a wall in his office full of thank you notes from clients. His training facility Hunter Canine is located in Cave Creek, where Chad was born and raised.

His favorite quote: “You cannot teach experience.” Chad said that very few trainers can actually apply what they have learned from hands-on experience with 10,000+ dogs over a 30-year period. His staff also brings to the table a combined 80 years of experience in the field.

Barking, jumping, leash pulling, digging, chewing, marking, insecurity, and aggression are just some of the behaviors Hunter Canine can address with all dog breeds. Services include training retreats, group classes, private lessons, puppy foundation, rattlesnake avoidance, swimming and diving, and agility.

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