Asteya Studios: Feng Shui Consultation and Meditation Instruction

Tell us about the events that led up to where you are now.
I am Boston-born and -raised and spent much of my life on the East Coast. Moving to Arizona in 2018 led to a continued spiritual and creative opening for me. I had already been guiding meditation for many years and, in 2019, married feng shui to that practice — guiding and assessing energy in homes and businesses. I grew up disabled from a very early age. Living that trauma inspired me to help others heal. So as a certified trauma support specialist, I have a wide skill set to also facilitate one-to-one compassionate, trauma-informed somatic meditation consultation. The two fields often overlap, as homeowners may wish to clear clutter or remove other obstacles that are sometimes a pattern from trauma.

What’s unique about your business?
Using a sacred geometric shape, I use crystals specific to healing or support for intentions. They are then laid in a pattern that energetically supports the client. Crystals can be used together with feng shui or independently in a specific grid. I recently worked with a client who had a miscarriage. We worked with stones specific to fertility and to her healing. After suggesting some enhancements in her home, we worked with the grid to support her grieving and spirituality.

I also work with somatic exercises and healing when I guide clients in meditation. Meditation consults of facilitation often include body-based somatic work. That is, in the West, meditation is portrayed as a solution to a busy mind. Often prompts include “emptying your mind” or “letting go” of certain thoughts. On the contrary, my philosophy is that our nervous systems are continually dysregulated, leaving us anxious, sad, and depleted. Working with a bottom-up body-based approach allows us to heal inward and build capacity for life as it happens.  

Explain the benefits of working with your business.
Is there an intention you’ve set or a goal you are focused on, but it just hasn’t come true? Your house can support you in reaching your desires. We share a reciprocal relationship with our space, and as we support it, it supports us. I help people support their deepest desires by working with the energy of their homes. Feng shui helps you cultivate long-term prosperity by supporting the areas of the home that may have blocks or need energetic attention.
I offer a full two-hour consult with an extensive written energy assessment. I also provide two 30-minute follow-up sessions in-person or via Zoom.

What is a product/service you offer that people probably don’t know about?
Getting to the heart of clutter. Clutter is not my sole focus as a practitioner, but it can often tell the story of what is going on in the home. Where does your chaos live? What is that chaos masking? Clutter will continue to happen even after clearing it if old behavior and thought patterns exist. I work together with clients to identify and acknowledge dysregulated patterns that are the source of clutter.

Describe anything new about your business and/or a recent or upcoming milestone.
I have authored a chapter in an anthology of collected stories. The book launched in November. It includes my personal story and what I do in my business.

In 2022 I became a Certified Trauma Support Specialist so I could have a wide skill set to help people with their meditation practice.
  • I recently began hosting lectures and workshops at the Holland Community Center and hope to work more with the connection between trauma and healing people’s environments.
Describe any notable training, certifications, awards, or recognition your business has received.
  • - Fully certified in feng shui from the Western School of Feng Shui
  • - Certified trauma support specialist through the Arizona Trauma Institute
  • - Level I certificate in non-violent communication
  • - Crystal healing certificates from Evolve Healing
Given your business expertise and the nature of what you do, what advice can you offer readers? We spend much of our lives in our homes. Our spaces should support us in every endeavor. We have an intrinsic connection with it. Be still in your home and listen to what it’s asking for. Look around. Where is your energy being blocked? What is preventing you from reaching your dreams?

What do you like best about Cave Creek residents/the town? Cave Creek is a welcoming and personable town. I immediately felt a connection in this town and know that it is deeply connected to a powerful unseen energy.

What’s your most memorable Cave Creek experience? Teaching at the Holland Community Center. I love the energy there, and the whole vibe is very connected and spiritually nourishing.

Tell us about your family. I have two sisters and a brother. My mom is 83 and went through radiation last year. She is formidable and now cancer-free! I married my husband in 2019. We practice gratitude and compassionate language with each other.

Interests/hobbies: Reading or practicing meditation. I’m also a huge ice hockey fan. All activity stops if a hockey game is on. I also love finding new places to photograph. Photography was a deep pursuit when I lived back East.

A business lesson I learned the hard way: Charge your worth. Your time and skill are unique and valuable. People want to pay you for your time because they want a complete experience. If you put value on your work, others will also.

Person who has made a difference in your life: My mentor back in Boston. It took me years to work with him. I resisted for a long time. Now, I cannot imagine my life on this path without him. Ken Lidden. Through every process of my life — grief, happiness, joy, despair — he’s been there.

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