Meet Annie

The Hoffmans' 7-year-old St. Bernard

What's the story about how your pet became yours? We rescued Katie at 6 months old through Sunny Saints Rescue of Southern California.

Is there a story behind your pet's name? Since Katie was bred to be a show dog (but she was much too shy for that lifestyle), my husband decided she should be named after the great actress from his home state of Connecticut: Katharine Hepburn.

Does your pet have any special talents? Katie is very gentle with people — particularly with children and the elderly. She loves it when the neighborhood kids come to visit her, and she was a regular visitor at Lone Mountain Memory Care when my father was a resident there. She gently greeted each resident and let them pet her.

What’s a typical day for your pet? It starts with her morning routine. She goes outside, comes in for breakfast, and then goes back to bed for belly rubs. She truly enjoys her mornings! Then her day consists of walking around her yard and gently watching the birds, lizards, rabbits, and Chuckie the chipmunk. Many naps are taken, blueberries eaten, belly rubs enjoyed, lots of praise is given, and many snuggles are gladly received.

How has your pet enriched your family? Katie has the most gentle and kind soul we have ever seen in a dog. She is our pride and joy, and she always makes every day a good day. She is an amazing traveler and has been to almost all of the states with us. She enjoys meeting new people and making friends with new animals. We love her to pieces.