From farming to bulk water delivery


Tell us about the events that led up to where you are now. I grew up in Montana on my family’s ranch and worked very hard there well into my 20s. When working on the farm could no longer support my family, I sought outside full-time employment. I worked a variety of jobs: a tire shop, farmhand, road maintenance, heavy highway construction, and CDL truck driving. Upon moving to Arizona nearly four years ago, I did over-the-road trucking, drove a cement mixer truck, and did water hauling for another company. It was then that my wife, Jackie, and I decided to go out on our own to serve bulk water customers. Mohr H2O LLC started in April 2021, and we now have a solid and growing business thanks to our supportive customers.

What are the benefits of working with you? I respond to all calls and text messages promptly. I take the time to do courtesy water level checks so that no one runs out of water. I also do all the deliveries myself. (If I’m out of town, we have trusted friends and family to step in and help.) We also make a point to go above and beyond with customer service. For example, one of our elderly customers was distraught over pump problems, which we do not deal with, but I still took the time to find someone who could help her on a weekend.

Given your business expertise and the nature of what you do, what advice can you offer to the residents? Keeping an eye on your tank is very important so that you can catch any unexpected problems such as leaky pipes that will result in water loss.

What do you like best about Cave Creek residents/the town? The small-town friendly feel — especially since I come from a small town in Montana myself. I enjoy walking around downtown Cave Creek and interacting with the residents. I love visiting with all of my customers and getting to know them.

Tell us about your family. We have a blended family with children from previous marriages — seven children total. Three of them are here with us.  And we have one adorable granddaughter! We also have three dogs, one cat, one turtle, one gecko, and a bird.

What brought you to Arizona? We moved here from Park City, MO (close to Billings), so that one of my wife’s twins could receive a kidney transplant. We haven't left since; we like it here. My wife is a nurse supervisor at one of the local hospitals. The weather is a plus.

Where might we see you on a day off?  Eating out, the movies, lake Pleasant, downtown Cave Creek, road trips, church with family, hunting, fishing.

A business lesson you learned the hard way: Never start a business without a business loan.

A person who has made a difference in your life: My wife; she understands me.

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