Hello Day Coaching

Helping people move past fear to make thoughtful and bold life changes

Hello friends, my name is Heather Wochele (like broccoli with a "W"). I am an energetic, fun, loving woman who is a wife, pet mom, and the kind of friendly neighbor that smiles and waves at you but doesn't invade your personal space.

My business involves sharing the greatest gift I have received: the power of life coaching and how it can transform your life. I own HelloDay Coaching LLC: a life coaching service that brings awareness to your energy detractors, transforms your thinking, and helps you achieve the goals/dreams you have always wanted for your life. 

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, and spent most of my childhood playing and traveling the country for softball tournaments. Fate brought me to play in Boulder, CO where I found my first life goal: to move out of Texas and live in Colorado. The first step was achieving a scholarship and getting to college. With determination, I did it. The second step included navigating the challenges of growing up, experiencing the freshman 15, being "broke" yet still trying to have a life, letting grades slip and then picking them back up, finding love and losing it, all while trying to decide who I was going to be for the rest of my life. With courage, resilience, and a little therapy, I did it. The third step was doing whatever it took to make money to move, afford, and thrive in Colorado. By picking up and leaving everything behind, getting myself in and out of precarious situations, ultimately having to depend on and trust in me, and thankfully without having to sell any organs, I have done and am doing it. 

For five years now, I have made Denver my home. The majestic mountains make walking my dogs incredibly more enjoyable in any one of the numerous parks. If I am not parking with the dogs, I usually hunker down at a small business coffee shop or round out my days at one of the many breweries in Denver. You might find me with an incredible, giving, and fun woman, my wife, the veterinarian. I say might because most days she spends saving animals at a local shelter. She is simply amazing. Please be good to your veterinarians!

While I work to live, I have finally found work that feels as enjoyable as living. HelloDay Coaching is a passion of mine; to be there for those who feel alone or isolated, who doubt their abilities, and who might need a gentle nudge or someone to jump off the cliff with them all together. My struggles and challenges of being human inspired me to be a life coach. My desire to help others and my trust in myself inspired me to quit my job and create HelloDay. 

HelloDay Coaching leverages my unique energy awareness and management training to help people seize the present moment and live a fulfilled life. My experience in Organizational Psychology compliments my approach for clients who struggle specifically with burnout, career transitions, and leadership growth. My personal belief that we all could use more love and compassion drives my support of my clients along their journeys. Ultimately, my passion for connecting with others gets me up and out of bed each day which is why I call it HelloDay. 

I am honored to say HelloDay to you all in Bonnie Brae, and I look forward to the moment we can connect.

Heather Wochele