Meet Alfie

What is your pet's name?

What type of Animal / Breed is Alfie?

Is your pet Male or Female?  

How old is your pet?
7.5 Years Old

Where did you get your pet?
We got Alfie in NYC in 2015

Is there a story behind your pet's name?
Tanya was searching for pet supplies online as she was researching everything for a new dog,  there was a brand called Alfie and she loved it, so it stuck!

Does your pet have any unique talents/quirks/behaviors?
Alfie is still acclimating to life in Denver and we are trying to socialize him more. He's great with little dogs but not so much the big ones :-/ he loves the sound of his voice and will let you know it! We're considering getting a dog trainer to help with socializing again but at almost 8 years old, he might just be stuck in his ways.

What do you love most about your pet?
Alfie is truly a cuddle bug, he loves crawling in your lap and is such an easy dog for when we work from home, as he just sleeps all day (until a package arrives).

What does your pet eat?
Kibble + homemade chicken + carrots. He loves crunchybear treats and is very food motivated!

How spoiled is Alfie?
So spoiled, we cook him homemade meals at least 3X a week, and plan our travel schedule around him. We never leave him alone, thanks to Tanya's parents being local, he is always around someone, never left alone!

Any Funny Stories about your pet?
He's a ladies' man, much preferring women to men.

What is something interesting about your pet that neighbors may not know...
Alfie had back surgery 1 month into us moving to Denver twice in a row as he slipped a disk in his recovery :( Tanya slept in one room and on the floor with him for 2 months to ensure he recovered with minimal movement. Now, you would barely even know this happened! We are still very cautious with him and don't let him jump off furniture or take long walks, but he is pretty much fully recovered!

What else should the Stroll Bonnie Brae team and the neighborhood know about your pet?
Sometimes you will catch us on long walks with a stroller but it's for Alfie and not a babe lol we put him in the stroller as he can't walk as far as he used to be able to due to his surgery. If you catch us with Alfie in the stroller it's not because he nor us is lazy, it's because of his back.